how desperately in need of an encounter with God are you?

We are studying from Mark Batterson’s book “Wild Goose Chase” on Wednesday nights. Last night was our first night and there were some very challenging questions to be answered. Have we placed God in a box? Are we expecting Him to follow us instead of us following Him? Are we willing to take a risk and experience God on His terms? I was challenged to take a close look at my own relationship with God and where I am. I find that I don’t like what I see. I have become very comfortable in my lifestyle, go to church, go to work, to home…impact very few people for God, take no chances, stay under the radar. BORING! Is this really what the church has been reduced to? Are we as a church so domesticated that we can not be used by God in the wild world that so desperately needs him? Are we so domesticated that if we were to step into the wild we would be eaten alive? I think that I am there, I don’t want to be in this place though. I want to be in the center of God’s will, reaching a lost and dying world for Him. This study is going to be a good one. I don’t want to waste time anymore. I have watched myself and others allow bitterness to destroy them, but the greatest thing is that God forgives and restores us to right relationship with him and others.

2 thoughts on “how desperately in need of an encounter with God are you?

  1. I don’t have this one yet, but it is looking to be one that I think I will need to purchase! Pastor Trudy has it on her Kindle! But, yes when I get it you are more than welcome to it!

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