empty nest?

I think I could get used to the empty nest thing! Of course I still have David here…but all the other kids are gone for the weekend. Michael and Kelly have gone on a trip to KC for a music field trip. They are going to the theatre to see Shrek on stage. They always really hava a good time on these trips. they have to be dressed up to eat at a nice restaurant. I will post of pic of them in their duds if they take a picture for me.

We went to Springfield to get my hcg this morning. Had breakfast at IHop with Kevin and his roommate, Michael, kinda weird that his roommates name is Michael! Kevin didn’t have much time to spend with us so we didn’t hang around for long. We did buy him a beard trimmer though! He needed that, kinda scruffy looking!

Holly will be home next weekend to clean Dorothy’s house so Eulie can move in at the end of the month. I am looking forward to seeing her again. Stephanie is doing great at school right now. She seems to be quite content with her life as it is. Things will be changing drastically for her after this semester. She graduates in May. We are very proud of her and all she has accomplished.  I know that the promises of God are true and that He is faithful and will take care of her, every step of the way. Even if she thinks she dosn’t need or want His help.

Scott is home! He made it home safely. Haven’t gotten to talk with him yet so I don’t know what all went on in Haiti, but I will get to talk with him soon I hope!

Kelly is going to the Girls Retreat at the end of the month, they are going to be introducing a new descipleship program for the girls that are serious about going deeper with God. It is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Armour, Kelly is pretty pumped about this. Possibly she will have some of her friends from church go with her. My plan is to spend the time with my mom in Witchita while Kelly is at the camp ground. Michael and Kelly are also going to PK retreat in March. They are pretty excited about that too. Michael has to keep his grades up and all assignments have to be turned in before he can go, but that is good that gives him incentive to keep on task with his school work.

went to a purse party last night and laughed till tears rolled and my head hurt! It felt good to laugh and laugh! It is true that laughter is very good medicine! I got the Leah shell for my purse this time. It is really pretty and has a little bit of different design. Fun times and definately glad that I went . I now have 6 shells with this purchase and I also got a closet organizer and some more handles. My handles are getting frayed. these purses are pretty cool. Check them out if you havent yet. Well I guess I will get off of here for now. TTYL!

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