It is snowing and cold out! We are sitting by the fire in the house enjoying the quiet! I am going to read after I put David to bed, he is begging me to let him go to sleep. It is only 8pm! I don’t know what the day will bring tomorrow. If the roads are bad I will be staying home with David, not going to work sounds really really good! Not that work has been bad! I enjoy my job, but I do like the idea of sleeping in on a cold wintery morning!

I am wondering how my friend is doing,she went into labor a month early and I haven’t heard yet if they stopped labor or if she had the baby…really praying that all is well with her and this precious life.

I think that I am going to put this to bed for now and read my book that I have on my bookclub page. This is a very good book! Never read any books by this author before but she is quite good. Check it out.

And welcome Amy to my Blog! Glad you could join me and the other three faithful ones!


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