Hello to my 3 faithful readers!

Good week this week, no problems, at least none I know of! My brother headed off to Haiti on a missions trip this week. I am more than just a little uncomfortable with that. Praying for his safety and that of the team he is with. 

Been kinda of sick this week, ok, more than kinda! But I am feeling better now than I have in days! Watching “The Wedding Planner” and just relaxing at home. We have been so busy, going, going, going it is nice just to relax at home for a change. 

Our neighbor is going to be moving into Charlie’s mom’s house at the end of the month. He sold his house and needs a place to stay until his new house is built. Dorothy’s house is just sitting empty right now so it will be good to have someone living there. We plan to sell it soon but there is some work that we need to get done on it first. Glad that we are able to help out our neighbor and he will be helping us out as well.

Well I really don’t have much else to say, guess I will just sign off of here for now. I may come back in a day or two with something more interesting…I wouldnt hold my breath though! When you think of my brother, Scott, please pray for him and the safety of all that went on this missions trip! Thanks!! TTYL


4 thoughts on “Hello to my 3 faithful readers!

  1. So glad I told Daddy about you saying that about Dorothy’s house. What a blessing. Answer to prayer. Terry tried to stress me out about it. PRAISE GOD! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Hey girl! It’s been awhile. I miss you though. Thats great about my grandpa. I had no idea that he was moving into Dorothy’s house until my mom sent me your blog. I appreciate you guys for helping him out especially since he’s a little grouchy at times. lol That will be so good for him to be able to work on it too cuz I know he misses doing things like that.Call me sometime and maybe we can have dinner sometime or do a girls night out. Love ya!

  3. I am so glad that we were able to help out with our neighbor and this means that the house will have someone in it if only for a couple of months. A house sitting empty is just not good for the house. Heidi I hope Scott is having a blessed wonderful time! I have prayed for his safety everyday! Love you guys!

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