so proud of Michael!

He completed his second English class today, three weeks ahead of schedule! Wow, Michael that is fantastic!! He has had to work so hard to get caught up and make up for all the time that he wasted messing around. He has applied himself and is making huge strides he  is right on track to graduate with his class in the spring! The Lord has done so much to bring Michael back from the danger zone he was dancing around in for so long. We are so thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord and for the answer to prayer. We still have a rough road ahead of us as we navigate the legal system that Michael landed us in with his poor choices last year. But God takes what the enemy plans for our destruction and turns it to bring Him glory, and makes the consequences stepping stones for getting to where God wants us to be. Nothing the enemy has planned or accomplished is to big for God, NOTHING!  Bravo Michael, BRAVO!  Keep up the good work as you work hand in hand with our Heavenly Father to stop the plans of the enemy for your life!


2 thoughts on “so proud of Michael!

  1. God is so good. He always has a surprise up His sleeve- just when we think things are the darkest, He swoops in and blesses us! Praise His name for all He’s done in Michael’s life!!!!!

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