Happy New Year to all 3 of my friends and family who read my blog!

It has been an eventful year for us, not always good eventful either! But God has been faithful, especially in  the hard times. I have lost my son, Michael, and had him returned to us in less than six months! Now if that is not faithfulness what is? Kevin started college this last fall at CBC and is doing great, very happy with where he is right now. It is wonderful to see the spiritual growth in his life as he seeks to serve the Lord with all his heart. Holly is still in KC, going to dance school and working for Maid Pro. She loves her new church and is enjoying her life there right now. Kelly is caught up in honor guard at school and really enjoying it. She is still working with her horse and has aquired yet another one to take care of! She does love those animals. David is still going to CLASS LTD everyday, he has Robbie in the morning and Jim in the afternoon to keep him out of trouble. they are a blessing to David and to me. Stephanie is in her last year of school at K-State. She will graduate in May with her masters in Architecture, very proud of her accomplishments.

We did finally get to have Corbin in our home for a little while. He is Stephanies boyfriend of 2.5 years now. This is the first time to have him in our home. We enjoyed getting to spend time with him, he is a vey nice and respectful young man.

There are many things I regret about this last year and there are many things that I am proud of! I had a very rough beginning of the year with an office coordinator that HATED me. Still not real sure why she was so threatened by me but she was. She was fired early in the year! Wonderful day for me, not so much for her. All of the women who were on board with her are now gone from the office, whole new staff, that has been nice. The Dr I work for is planning to go independant in a couple of months, it is my plan to go with him, I really hope this is the right decision…hard to know in these uncertain times what is the wise thing to do. I really like my new OC and she is not going with us. I will miss her, a lot! She has been fantastic to work with and has taught me so much. I hate to lose her, but even if I stayed I wouldn’t get to stay with her.

reconnected with many old friends this last year, friends that I thought I would never get to have back for one reason or another, the circumstances have been very sad though I praying for reconciliation in relationships that have been damaged. The neat thing about God is that He specializes in the damaged relationships and can make them good as new in His time.

I got to spend New Years with my mom and dad this year and that has been a blessing, We came to Wichita on Thursday and have stayed until Sunday. Just spending time, not really doing anything, other than going to see TRON at the IMAX on Friday night. That was pretty cool. Never felt like I was in a video game before!

Over all this has been a year of many different emotions, hurt and exhileration, frustration and peace all rolled up together. 2011 will hopefully have less of the pain and frustration, and more of the peace of God in every area. We all have gone through very hard times at one point or another, and we will all go through them again. There were times that I wallowed in self pity and I have to say that self pity only makes the situation worse, it dosen’t help in anyway. Self pity I have found divides me from my friends, my family and everyone who would help, because I am so absorbed in my poor pitiful self that I can not recieve help from those who would like to help. I talk from my own experience as I have been in this situation personally this year. If you are wallowing in self pity at this time in your life please hear my heart here. Let go of the pity and look to the Lord for your answers, be willing to ackwoledge your own fault in the place you are in and be willing to make the changes that you have the power to change. We are only responsible for our own actions and our own attitudes. Those of others are not for us to change. But the thing that happened with me, is that when I finally let go of my own hurt and self pity I changed my behavior and the behavior of others changed towards me. The problem that had me so down and pitiful took care of itself. Will this work everytime? No probably not, but I do know that the Lord gives peace and direction, no matter what is happening and that self pity only brings destruction to the person having the party and the people that surround them. Just a little lesson I learned this year…again. 

I pray that all 3 of you have a wonderful New Year and I pray that you are blessed in everything that you set your hand to!

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