Busy Saturday

getting laundry done, Charlie and the kids were raking leaves in the yard, buying groceries for this next week! Ouch that hurt, I was out of most everything so my bill was well over $300 by the time I was finished! Good thing God is our provider! I don’t understand why these people who live in my house think they have to eat, everyday! We have the New Life House girls coming for the service in the morning. Always good to have them and see what God is doing in their lives. We are especially tender towards them as our son was at Brush Creek with the Blakenships. He had a hard time when he came home, but the word of God is powerful and He is capable and faithful to bring them back from the dark places the enemy lures them to. Sending him there was a very difficult thing to do and it cost us emotionally a high price, as well as him. Sometimes as parents we have to do what is best for our children even though it hurts us to do so. And very well may hurt them for a season as well. I am far more concerned with their eternity than their present comfort. this evening I have listened to Michael as he plays the keyboard and sings praise songs in the music room, there was a time when I didn’t think he would ever come back, but God…I am so grateful that He is faithful and that he gave me my son back. If you have followed my blog then you know the hurt and truama of the last couple of years where Michael was concerned. And so you will also understand my heart of gratitude towards the Lord!

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