Pastor Appreciation

was supposed to be last week but Pastor Trudy wasn’t going to be there so we put it off to this Sunday. We have some pretty amazing people on staff at Gateway! We have been here in Welch for almost 4 yrs now and we have come to love these people very deeply. The team that is put together here has been through some tough times and are still at this time going through some incredibly hard times. Pastor Lynda and Darrell’s son Garrett was dianosed with Leukemia this year, Charlie and I have walked a heartbreaking road with our son Michael, Pastor’s Mike and Katie have found themselves in a transition period with Mikes job just this last week. Pastor’s Pat and Trudy and us have sent kids off to college this year. Pastor John and Christina had their first baby, sweet little Kyndal Marie! This year has been a mixture of joy and sadness. May I just say that each of you are a blessing from God and I am ¬†honored to have you in my life!

One thought on “Pastor Appreciation

  1. Ahhhh, we love you guys too.
    I am still in awe that we are so blessed to have you guys. I know GOD is going to do great things in your ministry together.
    Pastor Pat

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