I got a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago, now any of you who know me know that I am very careful about not speeding. I, however, was speeding the other night. I didn’t realize it, the road was empty with the exception of me and the cop who was lying in wait for me to come down the highway, and then chose to follow me for a couple of miles before pulling me over right before the Kansas state line. I was in Oklahoma. He was rather smug and I didn’t care for his attitude but I was respectful didn’t argue with him. I said all that to say this though, I called the Ottawa County Courthouse to fine out how much my fine was, the lady on the phone told me the total and gave me the address when I asked where to mail the check. So I wrote the check and mailed it that same day. I got the check back in the mail today with the ticket and a letter telling me that they are not allowed to accept personal or business checks, that I have to send them a cashiers or a money order, and they kindly extended my due date to Nov 15th. Good thing since today was the due date! But my annoyance comes from this woman I talked with not telling me on the phone that they do not accept personal checks! She did manage to let me know she has been with the courthouse for 13 years but the fact that I am calling to get the amount for a fine that I am going to mail the check in for does not trigger for her that perhaps she should let me know that I would need to get a cashiers check or a money order? Simple! Really really annoys me the inability of people to think about things especially when it is part of their job. Now before I get comments defending her, yes she may have been having an off day, could have just simply forgot, who knows the fact is I am still annoyed that I now have to go to the trouble of getting the money order or cashiers check and get it in the mail or hand deliver it. Maybe I will do just that, hand deliver it so I can express my feelings when I get in there.


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