Family Reunion Fun and Laughter

ruled the day! We had tacos, pumpkin bars, cookies, fruit, chips and salso, and lots of laughter and fun mixed all in with it! We didn’t have everyone there and we really wish all could have come! Tammy was putting names on everyones cups and drawing cute little things on them and then she saw Kelly’s cup that Kelly had done herself with a horse on it of course, and Tammy was so put out with Kelly and her perfection! Made us all laugh, clear up to the point that Tammy took Kelly’s cup away from her when they left! Kelly drew on another one with just a stick horse stating it was Tammy’s work and then she drew another with her horse and stated that anything Tammy could do Kelly could do better! Got just a little ugly for a bit but it was all good :/ I am working on Kelly, hasn’t helped but I am working on her! Teri’s house is looking very nice! They have made a ton of progress since we were there last year, and Aunt Janet and Uncle Richard are living in the rental house across the way from them again. Of course Aunt Janets house is adorable, Tanya and I went over to see it and touched everything we could (we were never allowed to touch anything in Aunt Janet’s house when we were kids)!! We are still just a wee bit bitter about it but we are making progress with our therapy 🙂 Our mothers all have these picture perfect homes and then there are our homes! NOT picture perfect but like I said we are not bitter…

Kevin was a hoot I tried to download some video and I cannot find it, I have no idea where on my computer it disappeared to! It has to be here somewhere but I may never see it again!! Lindsay was there with baby Justice and he was held by someone alllll the live long day! But none of us had him as much as Kevin did, this boy of mine just loves the babies! They fell asleep on the couch together and took a little snooze so sweet don’t you think?

All of my kiddos made it accept Stephanie, I missed her, but I know I can’t always have everyone at the same time. We will all be together for thanksgiving and again at Christmas. Like I have stated before I truly love getting to spend time with family, they are the greatest people in the whole world!


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