Royals game, spending time with Holly, Lindsays baby born…

lots going on! We went to the Royals vs Yankees game last weekend, game was very WET! We had a 2 hour rain delay, we didn’t stay, David was really tired and so was I! Poor Charlie he would have stayed if it wasn’t for me and David. Holly was willing to stay or go. Sat. Charlie helped Holly get things done around her house. She has a really nice house she is renting with 3 other girls. And she is out of the ghetto!!! Yea!!!

She has a lot going for her right now and I am so happy for her.

And then there was the exciting news that Justice was on his way! He was a couple of weeks early but babies have a way of setting the date for their arrival when they are ready to come! He is adorable and looks so much like his brother! Lindsay is my cousin and such a sweetheart, she is such a good mom and I am so proud of her!

Kevin is all checked into school at CBC now. We decided that it was in his best interest for him to stay on campus rather than live at home and commute. The cost was going to be about the same and he wouldn’t have the 3 hour commute everyday. He is very excited about what the Lord is doing in his life and we are very excited to watch it unfold! As of today he had not met his roommate. That will be interesting. I hope that he has a good one. That can really make a difference as to how much you enjoy your time at school.  But God has directed his steps all along and He will continue to do so.

Last night I got up to check on the house, make sure doors were locked, Michael had come home after I went to bed. I noticed the garage door was left open, so I went out to shut it. I missed one of the steps and fell…hard to the garage floor. I have to say that I have not experienced that kind of pain in a long long time! I landed on my foot sideways and then both knees. I was unable to get up and had cried out when I fell. Michael was in his truck messing with his sound system and heard me. He came running and helped to get me up and back into the house. I was in so much pain that I was about to pass out so I had to sit down in the kitchen before I could go on to my bedroom. Michael got me a drink and a bowl to throw up in. He helped me get to bed and I am grateful that he was around. Charlie was in Springfield with Kevin getting him settled into school. I am very sore today. I have been taking Ibuprophen all day. My foot is bruised all the way through, it is painful to walk on but I am getting around.

Kelly had a job interview today at Pizza Hut and she starts working there in a couple of weeks. She put her application in yesterday and they called her this morning asking her to come in this afternoon for the interview. Yea, one more gainfully employed child!

Michael got a truck this week, practically given to him. It never ceases to amaze me how he has things just fall into his lap! Rather he wants to admit it or not God is working on his behalf and right now it is inspite of him. I know one day God is going to get the attention of those of my children who have turned their back on him. Waiting and watching the enemy lie to them and deceive them is very hard though. The truth will be revealed someday and I pray that they will return to the Lord.


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