Last week was NOT a good week!

David had a seizure Wed night while we were at church. He seized for 7 min. this is a very long time to seize, and because of it his anti convulsant was increased. He has recovered fully as far as I can tell. He never did stop breathing thank God! His lips turned blue at one point but he continued to breathe through out.

Then Thursday night or Friday morning actually at 12:30 we got the call from Shauna that Michael, Austin and Shauna had been in an accident. Michael was not coherent he is bleeding and really hurt. They had hit a tree.

When we got there the police and ambulance, fire trucks and neighbors were all present. the girls were walking around dazed and Michael was on a gurney being put in the ambulance. Now you can see the shape the car was in, would you say that God’s hand of protection was on these kids? They could have been crippled or dead and yet the girls walked away at the scene and Michael walked out of the hospital around 4:30 am! They all came away with little more than bruises and scrapes! Michael had a gash in the back of his head from something flying from the back of the car and hitting him in the back of the head, I would like to think it was the hand of God trying to knock some sense into him! Michael got 6 staples in his head to close up the gash.

You know Michael is still saying that it was his driving skills that saved them. He is delusional and refusing to give God Glory for protecting him and his friends. WOW! It seems that is the main thing I can say where he is concerned nowadays. WOW!

We have turned him over to the Lord to deal with as we have done all we know to do and still are making little or no headway. In one fell swoop the Lord took his car away and spanked him. And He didn’t worry about leaving marks! I am not saying that the Lord caused this wreck but I do know that He uses situations like this. What worries me is Michaels refusal to recognize the hand of God in his life. What is it going to take to get his attention?

All I know to do is continue to pray for him, and trust that God is going to take care of the rest

In other news my sweet Kelly Ann failed her physical and will not be able to run cross country this year. She was instructed to get a bone scan of her legs to see if she has stress fractures and until that is done she won’t be allowed to run. She decided that she is just going to be the manager for the cross country team this year. She dosn’t want to get a bone scan since there really isn’t anything that can be done for stress fractures anyway. Poor thing she is not accustomed to failing anything!