Much is going on

We were in Revival last week from Wed to Sun morning. The Lord is good and He spoke into Kevins life concerning school and financing. We have been amazed at how $2000 came in this last week in scholorships we know that the rest of the money is going to come in as well. College is so stinking expensive, but God is our source and He is all about providing for His children.

We took Sunday night off and went to the Aquatic Center in Pittsburg for the afternoon and evening. We played hard and laughed a lot! There were 16 of us all together! We headed to Freddys afterward to get something to eat. Michael had just bought himself a new stereo system for his car and he got pulled over for his stereo being to LOUD! Right in front of all of us, very funny! He didn’t get a ticket, just embarrassed. We had a really good time with everyone. It had been a long time since we had Michael with us for anything, it was good to have him part of the fun. He is still living somewhere else but God is working and we are trying to stay out of His way.

School is starting up soon, I got the paperwork for enrollment today in the mail. How can time be going this fast? Work is busy and stressfull at times but going well. Charlie is only a couple of classes away from getting his license from the Assemblies to preach. David is enjoying CLASS LTD and absolutely loves spending time with Robbie in the morning and Jim in the afternoon. He has it pretty good!


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