Sick kids

I was called home from work yesterday, David was throwing up in the bus and they needed me to come and get him. Yuk! I headed for Columbus and picked him up. He slept all the way home, walked in the house and fell asleep sitting on the couch. I went in to get him his pillow and discovered that he had thrown up the night before and it was all over his pillows, sheets and blanket! Oh joy! I am such a good mom, I mean I noticed it eventually right? How I missed it when I got him up for CLASS is beyond me, I mean barf stinks, you would think I would have smelled it right? I didn’t. I spent most of the morning cleaning up the mess, washing everything including the pillows! David slept all day long and was in  bed by 8:00 that night! Poor baby, he didn’t wake up until morning. He seems to be fine now. Kelly on the other hand woke up with a sore throat, fever and a bad headache! What the heck? She is doing better tonight but still not feeling up to par!

Work has been ok I guess. I am still having a hard time with the issues that came up a couple of weeks ago. False accusations being made with no reason other than just meanness. I know I have to forgive, and I have, but trust is a whole other issue and I don’t trust anyone right now. Well that isn’t exactly true there are a couple of people that I trust, but even then I am leary of trusting to much. It is frustrating to me, I feel like I have to be on constant guard and am not able to truly enjoy those I work with. Maybe that will come back…this remains to be seen.

We are going to clear out Michaels room and make it into a guest bedroom. I really hate it that he has made the choices that he has but he has and there isn’t anything that his dad or I can do about it. We may as well make the best of the situation and use the space for something other than a constant reminder of what we have lost. He actually said to us the other night that we have done nothing to help him, other than his dad helping him get a job this summer. That is all we have ever done for him! He really believes this. Wow, we have sacrificed so much for him and he thinks that we have done nothing. And now that we are truly doing nothing to help him he is mad at us. We have to block out his hurtful words and disconnect or the wounds that his actions and words bring would be unbearable for either of us to take. There is a grace and peace that surrounds us right now. We know that letting go and letting God do the work is what we are supposed to do. Right now Michael has walked away from everything that he has been taught. Only God can bring him back and only God knows when he will be ready and what it will take to get him to the point of being ready. We pray for him everyday, several times a day or more, but the rest is in God’s hands, the only safe place for it to be.

Holly, my sweet, vibrant, happy Holly is finally moving out of the ghetto! I am so thankful, I was getting concerned that she might take the law into her own hands with the thieves in her neighborhood! She is a pretty good shot with a shot gun! But Praise God she is getting into a much safer neighborhood and has some really sweet roommates! I miss her, she is a ray of sunshine in my life!

Stephanie is moving this fall also, but she isn’t in an unsafe neighborhood, she just needs a place that allows pets so she can keep her cat with her. Right now her cat is living with her boyfriend at his appartment. I got to see her when we went to Jacobs wedding. We had dinner with Corbin and Stephanie and spent the night with Stephanie in her appartment. It was fun getting to spend some time with them.

Kevin is working hard to get some more scholorships to cover the cost of school this fall. Private school is very expensive, especially when you are out of state! He is amazing me with his maturity and growth this last year, I think I may actually like him now! Just kidding, I am so proud of who he is and his love and committment to the Lord is wonderful to see as he seeks the Lord and responds to the callling on his life.

Charlie and I have chosen to focus on the amazing things that are happening in our lives and with our children and on the things to come for them as they grow closer to the Lord. For those of our children that have chosen to walk in the world and not with the Lord we pray for them and trust God to bring them back to a place of right relationship with Him. They are all in His hands and what Capable hands they are!


One thought on “Sick kids

  1. Love to hear how the kids & you are doing. Sorry about the sickness & pull of the world on some of them. Know how that hurts. Know the foundation is there & pray their eyes will be opened again. We can’t make them make the right choices. As far as work know that is hard too been there & done that. Hard at my work. New & outsider here & at work. Love the people meet & pray for those I don’t love at work & that come in. Sad world with people disrespecting others property & rude people. One boy even got hit by a woman that works out where I use to work in the Silly Hats. I work by myself in back of Toy Store. I talk some with the front ladies especially Donna but Sue doesn’t like me & Mickey when she works I can tell isn’t a Christian & don’t feel even likes Christian so that means me. I will be home next two weeks on Sat. Dad’s 😯 birthday party at 6:OO & then Noah has a Baseball game in Girard. Hope to see you. In house now so feel like a local more now. Very tired & still have a small cough. Going to Dr. Mon. for check-up. Fell at work on the stairs in the shop. Hurt leg & arm better now. Amy at camp with Noah & Averi Praying for God to take Noah’s temper away. Diane moved closer again to in-laws to close to Austin. Missed Moriah’s 1 st. BIRTHDAY hurts my heart. They were moving & we were moving. They build a big house again. He is only a part-time pastor & she got a new teacher position. Better close get ready for work. I am off on Sun. right now & working part-time. Don’t know if I am working after Aug. Don’t tell you much. Mine contract is up in August. We will see what God wants me to do. Know I have a big mission field with workers & guests as they tell us to call them. Lot different to work here than to visit. In City & Park.

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