Looking forward to a weekend with my family!

We have no plans that I know of, we are just going to get done what needs to be done. Holly is coming home, I am not supposed to know this because it is a surprise but someone else let the cat out of the bag! I miss her so much and am so excited to see her again! Michael and Kelly are getting home from camp today. Charlie is giving Michael his car back today, really hoping this isn’t a mistake. Michael has summer school this next month, and a job for the summer with Crossland. Kelly will be busy all summer with training her horses. Stephanie is coming home this weekend as well, I don’t know that I will get much time with her though.

Things at work are going very well, can hardly believe how nice it is to have someone who is mature and not vindictive to work with. I am able to relax now and enjoy the people I am working with, not fearing that they are going to stab me in the back. Loving that!

God has restored to me a relationship that I thought was lost forever. I have to say that the loss of this friend broke my heart, the reason for this loss in infuriating to me and my husband has told me that I cannot blog about the reason, so I am being obediant to that order! But I will say that God has honored my hearts desire and restored to me someone that I love and want inĀ  my life!