A week in the life of Elaine…

can be rather uninteresting, but because the three of you continue to read about it I will continue to write about it!

David will turn 24 tomorrow, I can hardly believe that I have a son this old! How did this happen? 

Charlie and I also had a 26th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, we have yet to celebrate it though.  It seems that we are so busy that there isn’t anytime for eachother.  Something else that would be great is if all these cars in my driveway and back yard actually worked! We are still taking Kevin to work every morning and picking him up every night, we only have the my car and Charlies work truck to drive.  Thank God Holly’s car was able to be fixed! In this life we have unknowns and things can run out of control so quickly. We have the wonderful times as well, births, graduations, our children making good choices and making us so proud! And we have the hard times when our children are acting out, we lose a loved one to death, rather expected or a shock, the loss of a job, a home, a friend…trying to keep my perspective and my eyes on Jesus seem to be a full time job for me. Forgiving those who are so NOT deserving of my forgiveness, and then I have to remember that I am NOT deserving of God’s forgiveness! He forgave me and continues to forgive me everyday! So if I refuse to forgive then I am putting myself in a prison of my own choosing. Living it out is much harder than teaching it!

 Sunday we are going to celebrate our Pastors Ordination! Actually I am supposed to be making their card right now and here I am on my blog! These two people are more than our Pastors, they are our friends. We go way back…way back! We held eachothers babies and now we are going to their graduations from high school, watching them head off to college!  Time just keeps ticking right on by us! But for what it is worth, we love you Pastors Pat and Trudy and all those beautiful children! We are so thankful that God put us in your life.

Charlie is in Springfield today taking another class for getting his licence to preach. He got a 100% on this test! Yea Charlie…he kinda makes me ill sometimes! I do love that man!

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