Mothers Day

had a great mothers day, Stephanie came home with Holly, totally suprised me! That was a very nice! I got to have all my children home and my mom and dad as well! I had been dreading mothers day and it turned out to be good. 

Holly’s car is fixed and working! Praise God, Kevin is still without a vehicle but we are working on that.

As for work, our nurse practioner took another position, her nurse tech went to the float pool, and another nurse tech was let go. This all in  one weeks time! Our office staff has decreased by 4 people in less than a month! When they said they were going to clean house they were not kidding! Things are much better at work now. I don’t think this is how the trouble makers thought things were going to play out! God has been faithful to me and to the Dr’s!

And yes, Scott, I am okay, I will overcome the obstacles and I will be victorious…maybe a little crazy too, but victorious none the less!


One thought on “Mothers Day

  1. Victorious is around the corner. Crazy, well, you’ve been crazy ever sinse I’ve known you. Yea, that would be a long time. I’m praying for you, have a good day and week.

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