Love covers a multitude of sins

How many people have perfect parents? I don’t know of any personally. My parents were not perfect, although they were close! 🙂 I have found myself reflecting on my youth, thinking about what I said about my parents to my friends. I cannot recall a time that I was disrespectful to them to others. I am sure there were times but I still do not recall a time when I spoke ill of them to my friends or anyone for that matter. I still to this day am very respectful of my parents. I do not make fun of how they disciplined me, how they treated me as a child (not that I was ever mistreated, I wasn’t). I didn’t always agree with how they handled things but that dosn’t matter. They are my parents. Somehow I didn’t pass this on to my own children. Well, let me rephrase that, to some of my children. I find the cruelty to be harsh and uncalled for. I know this is a season that will pass, but the scars from this season will take much longer to heal. The trust lost in this season will be a very difficult thing for my son to regain. I trusted after the last time to soon and to easily. Things are on lock down again, must keep all money out of the house, never leave a billfold or purse unaccompanied. this is very frustrating. We grew accustomed to being able to trust that everyone in the house was trustworthy and honest. That has come to a screaching halt. Charlie and I have changed so much through this whole episode called our life. We changed how we deal with conflict with our children, how we respond to just about everything, and yet we seem to be the only ones who have changed. We were so hopeful, we really wanted to believe that our son had changed as well. We are told by some that he has changed, but the life we live with him tells a much different story. I know that God is still working and that the story is not finished yet, but the part of the story we are living right now is very discouraging, the Word tells us that when you have done all to stand, to Stand firm then! We are standing firm, even with the waves crashing in around us and the tide coming in quickly while our feet are stuck in this quick sand called reality, God is bigger than reality, God is able to do anything, even this, to save my son from himself and the lies he has believed. The pull of the world is very strong, the pull of God is stronger! I know he will come around and the regret he will have will be enormous, it would be for me anyway. But even that God can heal! My optimism and belief that God is in control is in constant conflict with what I see and hear, it is an act of Faith to continue to believe that what I see is not what is real only what appears to be real. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

 Yea that about covers it.


One thought on “Love covers a multitude of sins

  1. I am here if you need me, I am praying. Take time for you & Charlie. I can still see stress when Amy & kids come from Noah. Please pray for him. Tom & I are here for more than one reason.

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