Close calls

Kevin is working in construction, and it is not a safe job to work in. He is, at this time, cleaning out silt from pipe that runs 1000 ft or more with man holes every 300 ft or so. These pipes fill with water quickly if the pumps are not working right and they are also susceptable to dangerous levels of gas, so they have to have a monitor on them at all times. Today the 30 inch pipe they were cleaning started filling with water because the pump quit working. Kevin was trying to get out but the water was just under his chin and he was having a hard time keeping himself calm, they had a ways to go before they would get to a man hole! Very scary stuff, especially for a 19 yr old kid! He did fine, one of the other guys talked him through getting out of the pipe and helped to keep him calm, thank God he stopped and helped. Once again our Angels were doing their job and doing it well! We truly do not realize just how many times in the day we are protected or our loved ones are protected from dangers that are set out there to destroy. I am so very thankful that we serve a God who cares about every part of our lives.

Speaking God, I had an interesting converstation with one of Kelly’s friends on facebook. Apparently I irritated her though because I talk like I know the truth and am not willing to consider that maybe I am wrong about God and His word. Maybe He isnt real or maybe He is not Good. How can you consider that you may be wrong when you are in relationship with the God of the universe and know that He is real, faithful, and loves you unconditionally? Something else I find interesting is that we as christians are considered “judgemental” if we voice opinions, or beliefs that are not in line with those who do not know God, yet they can bash what we believe, think and can say anything they want and it is just fine, not judgemental but free thinking. I am tired of the double standard that people who do not know God have for those of us who Do know God. I have found myself not speaking out in the past few years, mellowing with time. Perhaps I have mellowed to much, it is time to speak out louder and more often again!

Something else that happened this week, our previous, now fired, OC had apparently made one of the drug companies our health system bought supplies from so angry they refused to do business with the entire system, hospital, dr offices THE WHOLE SYSTEM! not just our one little office! WOW!!! Our new OC was able to get us back in good graces with them, as soon as they knew the other oc was no longer employed with our health system they were willing to do business with us again and to give us the best price on the supplies we needed. Our new OC is a christian by the way, blessing and favor do follow God’s people where ever we are!

Interesting week to be sure!