Mock Accident at the school

You know we just don’t understand how the brain  works! Kelly was in a serious accident a year ago in October. An accident that took the life of her grandmother. She dosn’t remember most of what happened at the time…until now. They had a mock accident at the school yesterday. I was called ahead of time and given the option to keep Kelly home. She didn’t think it would be a big deal and wanted to be there for it so I said “okay”, the “accident” was staged in the same area as the accident Kelly was in,  Well she called soon after it was done and needed to be picked up. She had flashbacks of the accident and remembered things she had never remembered before. The color of the vest/coats the EMT’s were wearing, the sounds of them getting her out of the car, the sight of the ceiling as she was being wheeled into the ER. All things that hit her hard and fast. She is doing fine now, she handled things in typical Kelly fashion! Charlie was there for the “accident” as well and he also had flashbacks to that time, the sounds the slow motion terror that comes over you when you realized that someone you love dearly is no longer with you. Not to mention that he was just in a bad accident not long ago and only by the grace of God wasn’t killed himself! But walked away with only bumps and bruises! David without even that much! I don’t know if it was a good idea for Kelly to go through that or not, they didn’t allow her to take part in the simulations of an accident, they didn’t let her use the “drunk goggles” to try to drive the golf cart around cones, she wasn’t in any shape to handle it and I took her home. Michael did get to do all those things and I honestly don’t know if it made any kind of impact on him. Time will tell….


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