Getting the AXE!!!!

Yes it has finally happened! Practice Management FIRED her!!! They called her in on Wed. morning and Wed afternoon they came into the office and cleared her desk and office of her things and brought in a new OC for the time being! She didn’t waste anytime getting things lined out, I really like her and she isn’t threatened by me what a nice change. I have been doing a happy dance for several days now!!!  God is good and I am so thankful that He cares about us and listens when we are being mistreated. The atmosphere has completely changed in our office, even the Dr was smiling yesterday morning!

In view of all this is I will say that as awful as she was to work for I do feel for her as she is now unemployed. I do hope that she is able to find a job that will fit her personality better (that would not be anything that involves management!) But no one should have to be without a job in this economy or any economy for that matter, so now that we have her out of our office pray for her that she will find a job soon.


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