accidents, angels, protection…

Wow, it still amazes me today just how close I came to losing my husband and son yesterday! They walked away from this accident no serious injuries, just sore muscles and Charlie has some scrapes on his forehead and hand, David is scratch/bruise free!  So here are the pics,

Charlies wheel went off the road here, he couldn’t pull it back on the road because the drop was to deep, so he directed the truck toward the field aiming to miss a pole and a hay bale. He didn’t see the driveway though, he hit it and went airborne clipped the hay bale which spun his truck and he landed drivers side down!

David and Charlie are sore today but both are getting on just fine, God is sooooo amazing, and our angels are top notch!!!

Now for the hair… the votes came in 2 to 1 for the style on the left so that is the one I went with.

thanks for all your input really loved the process!


3 thoughts on “accidents, angels, protection…

  1. Wow, the Rarick guardian angels do indeed work overtime!! You guys are in big trouble when you get to heaven, their will be a line!!

    And the hair? Did you do something different? 🙂

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