Soooo does God still answer prayer?

So many times during the day there are opportunities to pray for people that we come across, people who need us to touch heaven for them. I find myself hesitant to pray for them because I don’t want to pray and then nothing happen. What a sad situation. I have purposed in my heart to pray for those who are in need even if God chooses to say no and be willing to obey. I stepped out in this week and prayed for a woman at the dr’s office where I work. She was crying and in pain, frustrated with the pain and discomfort she could not get relief from. There truly is only so much medicine can do, but God He can do anything! I prayed with her, after asking her permission to do so, and hugged her neck while she cried some more, an hour or so later she called the office and I answered, she was doing much better, her bladder was working right again and there was relief. Yes God answers prayer, this wasn’t because of meds this was because of prayer! What a great privilage to be able to be a part of what God did for this woman. There have been other times that God has answered prayer, like the woman who thought she was losing her baby and had every indication that she was going to be getting a D&C. They could not find a heart beat but there was still blood flow so the dr said to wait one more week. As she was leaving the office in tears I asked the Lord to bring life to her baby. The next week she came back and with a big grin left our office knowing her baby was alive and well!  Coincidence? I think not, God hears our prayers and very often he says yes and amen! Sometimes the answer will be no and I have to be okay with that. But to not pray for fear of an answer of no is not okay.


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