Great Spring Break

had such a nice time this week spending time with my kiddos. Stephanie has been home all week and spent all but one evening with me and her dad. She is definately getting older!  She got a Wii for Christmas or her birthday or something from her boyfriend and brought it home with her. We have played golf, boxing (this one left me in pain for several days! but hey I knocked my opponent out in the first round twice!), tennis, stunk at this one, bowling, and then there were the races! Haven’t done real well at that! We watched Phantom in BlueRay! Went out to dinner once…and so on. We have just enjoyed being together all week and now the week in coming to an end and Stephanie is heading back to Manhattan tomorrow.  :-(. all we needed to make the week perfect would be  to have Holly here with us as well and then the whole family would have been in town. Kevin started a new job this week and is working 10 hour days, we haven’t seen him at all either, he has to get up at 4am and dosn’t get home until 7 or 8pm! What a life but it is going to be short lived.

things at work are interesting again. Really  don’t know what all is going on but things are happening. One of the nurses gave her notice this week, some in the office are thrilled and others are upset. She has given her notice before and was talked into staying. I don’t think that is going to happen this time. What is my take on this? I think that our office will do well without her there, simply because her absence will cut down on much of the drama. I think that there has been quite a bit of talk behind peoples backs trying to get them in trouble and that just dosn’t fly well with me. There is far to much talk and meaness in this office. And not enough team work and helping eachother to make sure that we don’t get in trouble. I think that if you see someone doing something that will get them in trouble you should try to remedy the problem and help keep them from being in trouble not try to get them written up every chance you get. That is what I do and that is what I expect others to do for me and the others I work with. but that is not how it is in our office. Hopefully, prayfully that is how it will be in the near future though! So until then I will be the best I can be there and enjoy my spinning chair! Keeping my sense of humor has been the single best thing can do around there right now! I will keep you posted as things happen!

Kelly spent all week in Welch with her horse! She stayed with Michael and Katie (our youth pastors) and had a great time. Michael’s brothers are rather smitten with her and found reason to be at the house often this week. Kelly seems to be oblivious to them. She is so funny. Even my Michael picked up on the boys interest in his sister! Katie is being relentless with the boys especially Chase. I told her to tell him he has to come to church to see her. Kelly got her glasses this week too. They are so cute on her! Well for now I am going to go. We are going to watch movies tonight and just enjoy being together! Till next time…..blessings


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