robbed while at church…

Holly dosn’t live in the best part of the city, and while she was at church this morning her house was broken into and they took her ipod and ihome. There is an alarm system and the boys didn’t have much time to get anything before the alarm went off and the police were alerted but they did manage to get away with those two things. She got her ipod for her birthday a couple of years ago and her ihome for graduation. Both have sentimental value. She is pretty mad! She is thinking seriously about getting a dog. I remember living in a not so good neighborhood, we got Jesse our big white samoyed at that time, and he was an inside dog! I didn’t go to the door without him with me. I think the dog is a good idea, but it will be a pain in other ways no doubt! Dogs can be a real mess to have around.  The boys were going to stay at Charlies aunt Helen and uncle Eddie’s but with the break in they are going to stay the night at Holly’s. Her roommates are pretty spooked and really glad that they are going to be there. I am to. What a day, we just don’t know what the day holds when we get up but we do know that God is with us for everything and I am sooooo very thankful that the girls were not home and that no one was hurt!  Things can be replaced, people cannot.


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