the kids are home and have big plans for the week. The boys are heading to KC for a day with their sister, Stephanie is heading home for a few days, we are going to watch Phantom on BlueRay, Kelly plans to ride her horse this week for some long rides! I am going to be getting off work early everyday so I can be home to take care of David when he gets here, Jim, his caregiver in the afternoon, will be gone on a missions trip this week. So we all have plans but nothing to big! Charlie will be business as usual.

Charlie and Kevin worked on cars all day today. They got a lot done. I did to. my house is decent and the bills are done. Michael, well I am not sure what he was up to today. I am concerned about him right now. When you think of him please pray, the pressures are tough and he is having a rough time of it right now. 

The lies of the enemy in our kids lives are very frustrating, and it can be overwelming trying to keep them safe from these lies. God has great plans for each of them and the desire of my heart is for them, all of them to fulfill the plans of God and not be lost in a world of danger without God at the center. The last days are on us now. The enemy is definately doing his best to deceive and steal our children away from us. But the plans of God are far stronger and powerful! Remaining faithful to praying and giving guidance when we can is our job as parents of older children. Oh for the days when they were little and the biggest problem we had was fighting over little stuff! Being the parents of teens and young adults is not what I thought it would be!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, the privilage of being able to pray and be a part of what God is doing in their lives is priceless!


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