Allergic reaction, rearended on the way home…

what a great day! I had Johnnie Corrinos for lunch today and after I ate I broke out in a rash on my neck, face and arms, didn’t look at my middle, don’t like to do that! Took some benedryl and felt a little loopy all afternoon! Most of it had worn off by the time I left to go home. Sooo I am at the stop light in Galena waiting to make a left turn to go to home, and BAM this lady rearends me! Now if you will remember from a previous post that my car was in the shop because of the racoon accident! I just got my car out of the shop YESTERDAY! But I need to get back to my story, THIS WOMAN REAR ENDS ME AND THEN DRIVES OFF…she didn’t stop to check and see if the person she just ran into was ok, if the car was ok, oh no she drove off! Now could it be that she didn’t notice? NO, she hit me hard, the air bags didn’t deploy that is good, but there is over $1000 of damage done to my car. I am sore tonight, have a headache all that kind of stuff. You know the only reason that I can think of that would be a good reason for running off and not staying at the scene of the accident is if someone had a gun to her head and was threatening her life if she were to stop! Not  a likely story…there was a witness that stayed behind to talk with the police. She saw the whole thing, gave them a description of the vehicle and the driver, all of which I could not tell them anything, she was behind me I didn’t see her and only saw her drive off.  I heard someone say that they thought the police had caught up with her in Riverton. I truly hope so, I really need it to be her insurance that pays for the repairs on my car and not mine! They say these things happen in 3’s. Holly had her accident, we ran over a raccoon, and now this! That is 3 so now we are done for awhile! I am very thankful for God’s protection throughout all this! He is wonderful and His angels very busy!

The OC at work may have overstepped her bounderies today. I don’t know for sure but she may be in some trouble. As I said before she is not allowed to discipline and today she did, not me and not the other girl that she dosn’t like as much as she dosn’t like me, but another one. She needed to be reprimanded that is true but it would be like me writing up an employee, I don’t have the authority to do so. And she dosn’t have the authority to do so either.  Stayed tuned I will let you know how things play out.  For now I am going to get off of here for a bit and then come back to get my finances done. Ta Ta my faithful readers!


3 thoughts on “Allergic reaction, rearended on the way home…

  1. no not her. not that she may not want to!!! Hopefully they will find this woman, she really did alot of damage to my car! makes me want to cry thinking about being without my car again, makes Michael want to cry too!!! Poor guy!

  2. Wow, even when you guys drive good, you still get in accidents!
    Hope they caught them and I HOPE they have insurance!!

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