Kevin is CBC bound in the fall

He took the initiative and went to try out for a scholorship in the music department a couple of weeks ago. He got the letter today telling him that he has been awarded the platinum scholorship! He is pumped! Charlie and I are so proud of him, he did all this without us “making” him do it. Way to go Kevin!!! 

Things are going well at work, no problems that I can see at this point. I am still on guard at all times but going to work is not the drudgerie it was before!

I am wanting to see my daughters that are so far from me. I miss them terribly, I hate not having them close to home.

Kelly and Michael are doing good with school and their different activities. Michael is working at Pizza Hut and Kelly is still working out at the stable and caring for her horse.

David is well David! He is quite happy with his routine and does not like to have it interrupted! Robbie takes care of him in the morning until his bus picks him up and Jim takes care of him in the afternoon until I get off of work. It is a good setup for David as he loves these two and they take great care of him!

Charlie and I are both working hard and taking care of things as they come up. All is going great for now and we are thankful.

Must close it is time to pray over dinner!


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