medical lawsuits

what does this do to us? when people are greedy and see $ signs bad things happen. what are we going to do when we no longer have qualified drs to care for us because they are unable to afford malpractice insurance or it becomes so unsafe for them to practice that they just walk away from medicine and leave it to the true quacks? What will we do then? Drs are flawed people just like you and me, the difference being that you and me are allowed to make mistakes and not fear being sued for them. Drs cannot make mistakes without fear of their patients suing them for all they have. Our drs are being sued for small things, things that are not life or death but just inconvenient for the patient. If they fix the problem why are they still in danger of this patient suing them? I am very disturbed by this problem and I can assure you that we are headed to yet another healthcare crisis…that of no reputable drs left to take care of our healthcare needs. All this so lawyers and their greedy clients can get rich. A few win the rest of us pay the price in truly unacceptable healthcare. So we will not only have poor coverage with the plan that our president has for us but we will not have drs that are skilled enough to take care of us in the event we need it. Which in light of the fact that we wouldn’t be approved for the procedure anyway maybe this won’t affect us as much as I thought…but that is a whole other issue from what I am talking about here. It is time for the lawsuits that are driving our drs out of practice stop. Does this mean that I think all of them are bogus? No it means that I think that many of them are bogus and nothing more than a greedy grasp for money that belongs to others! Just saying is all….


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