Can you believe we are at the end of February?

Where the heck did all the time go? How are we already this far into the year? It amazes me how fast time flys by! We go to work, come home, fix dinner, clean up, go to bed, get up and do it all over again with little changing unless we are going to church on a Wednesday night. I went to the dr today, my colesterol is to high, I am to fat and I don’t exercise enough! But hey what is wrong with that? I mean really who has time to add more to an already to full day? I need to exercise more so the time I spend walking all over the office dosn’t count? I think it does and I am so tired by the end of the day that I have obviously worked out right? Don’t any of you fitness buffs comment on this I don’t want to know hear what you have to say! Oh wait do I have any fitness buffs who read my ramblings? Probably not 🙂  Hello to my friend, Carol who checks up on me here just so she can know if I am okay or not, isn’t it sad that I am so busy that those I love have to find out how I am by reading my blog, and I don’t even keep up with it regulary.

Things are going well at work still.

Things are going well at home.

Things are going well at church.

So that about covers it…so until the next time God’s blessings