Twlight Zone continues

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I don’t know what is going on but our OC has been so nice, always ready to help in any way I or anyone else needs! I had to take my car to the shop today, which meant I was late for work. She was at my desk covering my post while I was gone, so nice when I got there stuck around to help with the phones…nice to the patients too! Wow, what did they say to her to bring about this complete change? And when is the act going to crumble?
My car by the way is in the shop because Michael ran over a large racoon the other night, did damage to my bumper and radiator…my poor car it has been in the shop now for repairs 5 times!

2 thoughts on “Twlight Zone continues

  1. my kids keep me on my knees! I am pretty sure they go in shifts with my family! God is so faithful, nothing serious only frustrating happens! I should have my car back Monday…I hope anyway, Michael’s car is not exactly a nice ride!!!!

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