Thank God for His protection…

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Holly was in an accident this morning on 435 in KC. She was on her way to work, when the truck in front of her slowed or stopped, I am unclear on exact details, she was unable to stop and turned into the median. Had there not been a barrier there she would have spun into oncoming traffic. I know her angels were on task this morning! She did a great job of avoiding an accident with the truck in front of her, and there was a tow truck 1 minute behind her and the police were there within a couple of minutes as well. God is soooo good and faithful to His children. Holly was very shook up, but she is doing well now. Our children are precious no matter how old they are or how independant they become! Things could have been tragic…thank you God, they are just inconvenient 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thank God for His protection…

  1. Do ANY of your kids know how to drive? Just joking!! Glad to hear she is OK, tell her to stay off of 435! It is death race 2000!

  2. yea they all have been in accidents with the exception of Kelly, and even she has had run in’s with vehicles and was in an accident, although not driving! Angels are ever present when my darlings are behind the wheel! Michael’s driving is like Stephanies used to be, before she had a spree of tickets and an accident! Holly, however, handled this accident very smart, it could have been an accident with injury had she not thought fast and turned into the median!

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