coming to grips with the fact that

our children do not always want to confide in us, their loving parents, can be such a hard thing to do! When they are hurting and having a hard time and turn to someone else, even when the someone else is their youth pastor, it leaves you feeling kinda funny, rejected, and well just irritated!  For myself and my husband that is. But the fact is that I didn’t confide in my parents everything that was going on with me as a teen and my husband definately didn’t confide in his so why are we suprised when our own children go to someone else? The enemy works overtime to bring wedges into families and into church families dosn’t he? I am so thankful that my kids feel that they can talk to their youth pastor and I am also thankful that when their youth pastors feel we need to know things they lead the kids to tell us, that is a blessing that not everyone has. We, as parents, can push our kids to hard and actually cause them to draw back from confiding in us even more. We have to be careful and respect their right to talk when they are ready. this balancing act dosn’t get any easier. I have been through this teenage thing with 4 kids and 2 still walking it out. These times are so emotional and traumatic for all of us! But by Gods grace we are going to make it through the last 2!

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