Hell week

I know you are following my progress at work so here goes…
One of our receptionists was gone all week caring for her father. I was by myself with the assistance of a a float for 3 of 5 days.
Perspectve: I was left to do all the work by myself while 2 others who could have helped me chose to stay in the office. My float for the first 2 days was wonderful the other float was sweet but mostly no help at all. My manager suddenly became sweet and helpful Wednesday at the end of the day then called in sick Thursday she did come to work on Friday. The doctor was in a meeting with practice management for a long time on Friday he assured me things were going to change. I really think she was trying to get me to quit this week, she has no idea just how strong willed I am…well probably is getting a clue now ( eye roll) this drama is really getting monotonous and tiresome. Just let me do my ever loving job and help me out when things get crazy, is this really asking to much?


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