Big news for today is that Charlie finally got his BIG Screen TV! This thing is ginormous!!! He worked hard for it and was able to pay cash so I guess I can’t complain! He is working today on getting everything set up for it. 

other news is that my faucet broke in the kitchen today! Aaaaggggg how am I supposed to get these dishes done? In the bathroom is where I will have to go to get the water to wash the dishes….Yipppeeee, I am so excited about this. I have taken DMG today for the first time since Christmas! I am handling things fairly well, haven’t lost it yet. My house is a total disaster, with no real end in site at this moment. I know what you are thinking Scott and Heidi, so my house is just a mess your house is truly a DISASTER! Helps to keep things in perspective. 

As for my week at work things haven’t changed much, next week I get the privilage of working with “her” up front all week long. Our other receptionist will be out of town taking her father to the cancer Dr in Nebraska. I am totally dreading being in close proximity to her for a full week. I am hoping that they will have a float for us so I won’t be by myself up there. I am also seriously considering looking into becoming a float myself until things are resovled where she is concerned. I don’t understand how she has gotten away with so much. She has broken so many policies and laws that I can’t even keep count, others who have done less have been fired, so why I ask is she still working here? I guess it all comes down to being able to prove it. Making it stick. HIPAA has been violated and yet she remains. Employees have been harrassed with intent to get them fired, simply because she dosn’t like them, and yet she remains. Requests from the Dr’s are ignored, and yet she remains… on and on it goes! The saga of my work life is getting repetitive and old!  I am looking forward to the day when I can put on here that she is GONE! Or that the doctor has gone into private practice and therefore I am gone! One thing is for sure, one of us needs to be gone and soon! Until that time, I think that I better keep plenty of DMG with me, and be sure and take it!


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