Sooooo What is the next step?

She came back to work today, yes I am talking about our OC. She came back to work and everything carried on busniness as usual…it is like nothing ever happened, well almost, she ignored me all day instead of making fun of me or calling me names. Rumor has it that she got written up and that is the end of it. What now? I don’t know. I hate to give up my job working with some great Doctors, yet the idea of working with this woman day in and day out is not acceptable. I know the Lord is my defense and I also know that He directs my steps. I guess I will wait on Him to give me clear direction and follow it when He does.

Kevin is having a rough week this week also. He was laid off from his job yesterday. I hate it that he is without work. He really needs some direction in his life. Pray for him when you think of him he is at a loss right now.

Michael is doing well, he did run his car into a ditch the other night though!  Snow and ice will do that! No one was hurt and the car wasn’t damaged either, so all was well. Kelly and her friend Shauna were kinda shook up by the whole thing though!

Holly is enjoying her new job in KC and doing great! I love to hear her laugh!

Stephanie’s heat went out in her apartment last night! It was in the single digits!!!  They fixed her heat this morning, but she had a cold night last night!

Kelly is still taking care of her horse and making straight A’s in school, that girl is amazing.

David is ready for things to get back to a routine. He needs, craves routine! With the Christmas break and all the snow and extreme cold he hasn’t had CLASS for any consistant amount of time and he hasn’t been with Robbie in the morning and Jim in the afternoon. He really misses that. Hopefully things will even out soon for him…and for us!

My brother’s house is in pretty bad shape after the fire, water pipes all frozen and will need to be replaced, as well as the water heater, toilets, all of it. Not to mention the roof looks like it is going to have to be replaced not just repaired. Pray for his family, they have a long way to go before they have thier home back.

Even in the face of great loss we see the hand of God. The loss of physical things is nothing compared to the loss of life! I am so thankful that my family was spared and kept safe. The plans of the enemy are mean and ferocious but God is the one who decides and keeps us! There isn’t any place that is safer than right smack dab in the middle of His care and will! He is our defense our source, our peace, our everything!


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