FMLA…who is familiar with this?

I don’t know how  many of my readers are familiar with this but it is Family Medical Leave Act and it is supposed to protect a person from losing their job for medical reasons.  It is a good thing, but don’t you know that con artists use everything to their advantage! Our OC (office coordinator) is rumored to have gotten wind that she was in trouble and low and behold she leaves work early one night and the next day she has FMLA papers and will not be able to come back to work because she is to sick to do so…she went from being just fine with no problems to being so sick she has to be gone from work for weeks at a time? WOW! Talk about conniving! She is getting paid on top of all this because she has PTO to use up! So she has 6 to 12 weeks off with no explanation to anyone. Our office is left without an OC and we cannot do anything to replace her during this time! How crazy is this? Beware who you hire, and always check them out!


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