They changed the locks on the door at work….

I am thinking, I could be wrong, that they may have fired her! She didn’t show up for work on Friday and again yesterday, and today she is not there and they are changing the locks…hmmmmmm sounds like she is headed out the door if not already accomplished. You know the sad thing is that things could have been different.

Jealousy clouds the thinking and is the playground of the enemy. She believed from the beginning that I wanted her job, that I was trying to get her fired. I had the chance to get her job and passed it up, I wanted her to succeed and I wanted to learn from her. Instead she became defensive and hateful trying to get people fired, lying every time it suited her and pitting the office staff against eachother. You know at the very beginning the Lord told me not to fight this one but that He was my defense and that He would take care of this for me. I have watched Him do just that. He has exposed the lies, He has put specific people in place and set in motion everything that needed to happen. All I had to do was keep my mouth shut, until the time came for questions and at that point I was able to tell my side without sounding petty.  I don’t know the ending yet, still don’t know if she is still on staff. I don’t know what my next step is to be. The office is split down the middle where she is concerned and it would take a miracle of God for me to be able to be office coordinator for this office now. I don’t even know if that is truly what I want or if that is what God’s plan is for me. I will just continue to watch this drama unfold as the Lord does the work.

We have our staff christmas party tonight with the church staff. We always enjoy being with them, they are so much fun. I am looking forward to being able to relax and laugh…a lot tonight!

Then we have Christmas Eve with our immediate family, and all my children will be home for that, last year was an incredibly hard year for me. Michael was in Teen Challenge and he lost his Christmas pass so we didn’t get to have him with us. It was also our first Christmas without Charlies mom. I really struggled last year, my heart was so heavy and broken. Michael was miserable as well, and had a very hard time last year alone without us. But this year we are all together and God is sooooo good to us.

Christmas day we will have my brothers family and my folks with us, if the snow storm being predicted dosn’t materialize!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone and getting to spend time with family that we so rarely get to spend time with.  We will have our ginger bread house contest again this year! We did this last year and had a blast, we decided to make it an anual event! 

So I think I have things pretty much caught up now. Merry Christmas to all my readers…all 3 or 4 of you!



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