she called me a conniving B!^%&!

She, the office manager, totally lost all self control last night after work. I was putting my coat on to leave and go home, when she said that she didn’t know why a coworker wasn’t at work that day…well I knew she did know because this coworker had let her know that her daughter was running fever and that she was taking her to the dr. She also let her know that her daughter had strep and she would be home with her another day. I also knew this because my coworker had texted me as well with updates. This made the OM very angry that I was getting these texts. Silly me for defending my coworker and friend, and telling her exactly why she wasn’t there Monday. :-\ She wanted to know why she texted me and when did we become friends? She then proceeded to call me a conniving B, that I wanted her job and had undermined her from day one. That all her problems in the office were my fault. All she wants is for the office to run smoothly  but I am always causing trouble for her…She told me that she was going to get HR involoved and both doctors, that things were going to change! I told her that she was wrong about me, that I haven’t undermined her, and that I absolutely agreed that HR needed to be brought in on this as well as both doctors.  I then locked up the lobby and went home. On my way home I called Dr’s nurse who gave me the cell # to the person I needed to call and called the doctor herself to let him know what had happend. I called the person I needed to call to get the ball rolling and long story short HR is involved and both doctors were brought in on it. Things were beyond tense today and tomorrow isn’t looking any better! Don’t know how this is going to play out but…here we go, now you know what happens when someone calls me that word!