Sooo busy Sooo much to do, Soooo little time

It seems like the days are flying by faster and faster all the time, how can we already be this far into December? The play practices are going well, I think this group is going to do a really good job with the play, they are funny and they are trying to stay in character, trying, yes that is it! Anyway we have 1 week left to practice and I can assure you I am getting uneasy about some things. Like costumes, and props, and will they have their lines memorized? What about lights and sound? Yes I have much on my mind there…

And on the work front, our other new receptionist that started a few months ago put in her notice this week! AAAAGGGG I was litterally sick to my stomach! Her husband got a better paying job and she is going to be able to stay home with her young children! I am very happy for her, and very sad for me! I will miss her! I am already missing Pam as well! What is going on? I know God is in control and that He is working all things out here, but I really would like to have a little more info! oh well I trust Him completely and know that He is doing what is best for all concerned.

Holly had a job interview yesterday, don’t know anything yet. Really hoping that she will get this job. Keep praying for her, I know she is frustrated. She is keeping her head up and trying to stay positive but it is getting harder all the time.

Well for now I am signing off, I have to get busy with things around here, typing here at the computer is not productive!  🙂

One thought on “Sooo busy Sooo much to do, Soooo little time

  1. Well last night I didn’t have half my cast at the practice, I have yet to have my whole cast at a practice and we perform this next Sunday night…I am getting a little discouraged here and thinking seriously about chucking the play for this year. May just use the music and have some dialogue on the side. I don’t know….

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