Ding Dong the Witch is Gone…

The Wicked witch is gone!  🙂 I have been singing that song all week long! But alas she was only on vacation and she will be back come Monday morning! So my enjoyment is short lived indeed! 😦  This week was really nice at work, no one was mad or crying, or griping, or acting like middle schoolers! Everyone did their job and got along quite well with everyone else in the office! So who do you think is the one who is stirring up trouble all the time? hmmmmmm I wonder…Let me think here…well the only one who was not there this week was………………yes you guessed it! Was our office manager!!!!!   I think maybe she is like those fighter fish, you know the ones, they have to be put in a bowl by themselves because they will fight any fish that is in the same bowl! Very pretty but deadly to any other fish you may have. Yes that is what it is like at my work, so I have learned to stay out of her way. Not looking forward to next week I can assure you!   I was really hoping that my Doctor was going to go into private practice but he has signed a contract with the hospital now and that won’t happen any time soon now. I understand why, the cost of going indepedent is HUGE, but I was really looking forward to getting out of that enviroment. God is in control and I know He is working all things out for the good of all His children. For whatever reason I am supposed to be there and that is where I will be until He moves me. But I do have to avoid the Beta fish!  :-{

Holly had a job for all of two weeks before Walmart decided to lay off their seasonal workers, now why I ask you did they even bother to hire them for 2 weeks? She didn’t even have time to finish her training! She is handling it very well, she is trusting God and knows that he is taking care of her. The person who let her go did tell her that they were very pleased with her work and that they wanted her to come back in 30 days and reapply. that was encouraging.

Our previous Pastor, Mark, lost his mother Tuesday morning early. She had some serious health issues and the Lord took her home. I know that Mark and his family are grieving her loss greatly. We are praying for them. Charlie and Holly are going to attend the funeral on Monday, I have to work. Some of you reading this know them and I know that you will be praying for them in this heart breaking time.

Michael is doing great, he got a new car this last week and he has loved the freedom! He is dong so well and we are very proud of him and the choices that he is making. God has done a work that is amazing in this young man. I know that He is not finished and that Michael is going to continue to grow and grow!

Well that is enough for now. I will try to blog more often….I will try!