this is a word that makes the difference in every relationship in our life! If you do not trust someone, you are unable to have a relationship with them that is fulfilling, you are always wondering if what they are telling you is true, or will they actually come through on what they have said they will do or not do…but what about someone not trusting you because they have believed a lie. Now there is a tough situation. How do you win that trust back and if the relationship is a close one how do you reconcile that they would believe a lie over what you tell them? And thus we have trust broken on both sides of the relationship. This is the play ground of the enemy and he loves this game! I am struggling in this area with a situation in my own life right now. I am totally stuck right now and unable to get past this. I know the forgiveness part and that is really not the hard part, the restoring trust is the problem. I am unable to be myself for fear of what I was accused of being thrown at me again, so now my relationship with others is being affected as well. I hate this feeling and I hate not being able to move past it. I am battling not becoming bitter and finding that I am not winning. I know what I need to do, I know that I have to forgive and take the chance of being hurt again by loving completely again, that walking in fear of being mistaken for something I am not is not of God, and that not being myself is not acceptable.  My head knows all this and preaches it to others on a regular basis, but my heart and my emotions are not hearing very well….


2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Trust me, I know what you are feeling. Trust is not something that is earned easily, and it is something that can be lost very quickly. But we need to weigh the person against the whole body of work and not just one situation. We all mess up sometimes and sometimes we break trust. But if a person has shown trustworthiness for many years, one failure does not make that person untrustworthy. Now repetitive failures will put one in that situation of not being trusted, and we can place that label on a person, but too many times when our trust is broken we are more likely to guard our trust more than we should.

  2. Yes we all do mess up and you are right we have to weigh things against more than just one incident, especially when it is many years of trust that has already been established. I have worked through most of this and I am going to have to confront on some things. I. do. not. like. confrontation! But this will work itself out and I am doing much better than I was when this first posted! Thanks to all of you who prayed for me.

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