Okay what is it going to take to see some change?

How bad does a person have to be at their job before they are sent packing? This week my manager has managed to be responsible for losing one of our new hired girls, she was offered an interview at another office this week and gladly went because of the tension and spitefulness of the office manager. I really liked this girl and was really disappointed that she won’t be working with me. I completely understand why she is leaving and taking this other job, it pays better, has better benefits and hopefully won’t have the tension of our office! But back to my original rant…how bad do you have to be at managing before you are removed from that position? We had chaos at work today and it boiled down to lack of communication and not paying attention to the schedule to make sure we have the people we need to keep the office running smoothly…now who would be responsible for this? Wouldn’t it be the office coordinator? Am I way off base with this thought process? So tell me why everyone is at fault but her? Why are there people in tears over this situation and being blamed when all they were doing was their job? I do not understand…. so like I said before, what is it going to take for some change to take place? How many more weeks. months. God forbid years. will it take to remove an incompetent person from a job that is obviously to difficult for her? Highly frustrated would be putting it mildly to explain how I feel!  You will all be glad to know that I have kept my mouth shut so far…came close to flying open today though, came very close!


2 thoughts on “Okay what is it going to take to see some change?

  1. Maybe its time for you to look at other opportunities. If one comes open, it could force the hands of those who make these decisions. This wouldn’t mean you would have to leave. Just a thought.

  2. I have no doubt that you are right and that possibililty is not out of the question…just hasn’t been a choice that has the forefront right now. It is going to be more and more the case though, as these working conditions are not acceptable. Maybe it is time for me to start talking, in love of course! 🙂

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