Update time

Work today was not so good, I am so glad that Beth will be back at her post tomorrow. She has been gone for a week to Mexico on vacation and I have had the incredible privilage to have my character built by working side by side with my office manager! I have done my job and part of Beths job, while Callie did her job and most of the rest of Beths job…I really don’t know what my manager did, it sure wasn’t a help! I am being spiteful I know but COME ON, if you are going to be up there at least help out with the work load! I had to work an hour past when I should have been going home with my husband and two of my sons waiting for me in the parking lot! Because the amount of work that had to be done was rediculous! Did my manager stay and help? NO, she had things she had to do! Like none of the rest of us have things we need to do? Yes I am a little on the ticked off side of things right now. That on top of a new girl starting up front this week and being made to feel like she is less than dirt under the office managers feet! She is doing a good job in spite of the treatment that she has had to endure this week, I only hope she dosn’t quit!  I do get tired of the crap around there, and most of it comes from the same person, not all, mind you, there are others who like to spread crap!

On to better things…I went to KC this weekend to see my daughter and my cousin! Had a great time. We went to see my Grandma while I was there. She is doing as well as can be expected. She had no idea who I was but she enjoyed the visit!  Idon’t know how much longer we have with her, so every opportunity to see her is preciuos! My Aunt Mary takes very good care of her. She was doing Grandmas nails when we got there and had gotten her dressed and ready for a visit.

Holly had a job interview today at Walmart and she got the job! Woot Woot!!!  She is VERY excited about that! So am I!! She has looked long and hard to get a job and had become discouraged, but she didn’t give up and it has paid off for her! She is loving dance class and I am so glad that she is going to be able to stay and continue her classes, she has made great strides in her classes and is impressing her instrutors, you go Holly Beth!


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