Things are gong well

reasonably well anyway. At work things are still tense and there is an awful lot of Junior High kind of drama going on. You would think that adults would be able to work together and get the job done without acting like imature little girls. Kinda frustrating, okay VERY frustrating!  Michael had a bad day today, his laptop and his wallet were both stolen out of the car today when he stopped at the convenience store. He had just cashed his paycheck so the wallet had all his pay in it! The laptop was brand new he just got it last week! He was very very upset. We reported it to the police and to the school (the laptop is school property). The laptop won’t do him much good because it will log off and it can be locked by the school making it virtually useless to anyone but the student it belongs to. The Police said they would investigate and see if they could track down the thief. If you think of Michael pray for him and that this thief is found and brought to justice.

We have enjoyed not having to be at the church every night this week! Taking a break albeit a very small one was needed! We start in again tomorrow with the Christmas production. Callbacks are tomorrow night after church and then practices again! Good thing I love doing this kind of thing…

Holly is still looking for work and getting rather frustrated with the lack of openings, she is loving dance class however, making it very difficult for her to consider coming back home.

Stephanie is busy with classes and work right now. She only has 1 1/2 semesters left though, she is getting close!

David is on a new anti convulscent that we have never had him on before, the first one they tried messed with his mood to much. He was having outbursts at the day services he goes to everyday as well as at home. We pray this one will work better. He seems to be doing fine this weekend.

Kelly is loving getting to spend more time with her horse. She “made” me get on her today and walked me around the yard…whoo hoo I am not a horse person, I’m just not, okay, don’t you judge me!  I used to ride them when I was a teen, but that was many years ago!

Kevin is working for his dad still and has not signed up for the marines at this point…don’t know what is going on there but I must say that I am just fine with him not signing up right now.

Charlie is working on a new song for church and pretty much lost in his own little world right now. He did however shear off Dollie Mae today, poor poor Dollie mae, She was not happy about this but she is not a matted hair ball anymore! No now she has no hair, it was matted that bad. Oh well I’m not complaining she needed the grooming and I am not home during the week to get her to the groomers, Charlie just decided enough was enough and now…well…she is what she is.


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