“The Room”

by Cleveland McLeish was a resounding success last night. We are doing the play again this morning for the church.

This play is about the Judgement.  A young man finds himself dead and in the judgement room with God and no excuses that hold any water. Very powerful impact and we had at least 12 people surrender their lives to the Lord last night! We thought this was an appropriate play for Halloween night and were blessed that we had the turn out we did. They passed 100 flyers out at the high school and we had 19 come. Pretty good percentage there!

I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this. And how the lives of those of us who are “christian” will be impacted by the outcome of the judgement room for a young man who thought he was a christian but found out that what the word says is very true…not everyone who says Lord Lord, is truly saved.

It is appointed a man once to die and then the judgement…

If you were to find yourself in the room of judgement today what would the outcome be? Would the Lord say “Well done my good and faithful servant” or would he say “Depart from me, I never knew you”

Don’t put off today what must be done today…we have no guarantee of tomorrow!


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