Holly is coming home for the weekend, preparing for play next weekend,

so much to do and so little time to get it all done! I don’t have time to be on here right now but I am…just chilling for a minute. My car stalled on a main street in town, hate that! Really chaps my cheeks especially when it shouldn’t be giving me any kind of trouble…it is a Honda!

Anyway on to better things, Holly is having a birthday this weekend! And she is going to come home and spend it with us, I really miss this girl. Not that I saw her that often when she lived here but at least I got to see her.Holly she is still looking for a job in KC and hasn’t had much success yet. I am praying for her to get a job soon! I don’t think I can fund her there for long. Keep her in your prayers when you think of her.


Kelly had her Fall concert last night. She is growing up so quickly!  They did a really good job. The choir all dressed the same and they looked so sharp. They usually have the honor choir all dressed alike as well, but for some reason the girls all dressed in black but not matching…not as nice,  in fact somewhat tacky after seeing the choir. But that is just  my own opinion.

We have to get the set for the play we are doing for halloween night done. It is called “The Room” and it is about a young man who finds himself dead and at his judgment, just him and God. It is rather intense and definately makes you think about your choices in this life. It will be really good if my main character learns his lines! He promised me that he would have them memorized by Monday night.   So anyway the set is going up Saturday morning and we will do any finishing up on it Sunday. We have to record some things as well. So much to do and so little time to get it done in.

Michael is doing well for those of you that havent seen him around. He is really trying hard to do what is right and make better choices.

Well I really do need to get off of here. My parents are also coming on Sat. my dad is preaching at our church on Sunday, so I have to get things done around here, as I will be gone tomorrow working on a set!


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