Kevin fell asleep at the wheel

on the way home tonight! He flew off the highway jumped an embankment, took out a stop sign and did a number on his front

kelly's crosscountry 2009 027

end suspension, all this and he walked away with only a bruised elbow! His angels did a fantastic job of keeping him alive tonight. He was only a short distance from hitting a pole head on at 65 mph!

kelly's crosscountry 2009 017

In other exciting news, Kelly ran in her cross country race today. She placed 16th, but she beat her time today. She has never been able to break 19 min and she made it in 18 min 50 sec today! Great Job Kelly!!!

kelly's crosscountry 2009 002She did all this with severe shin splints! She has been in physical therapy all week trying to get her legs ready to run in this race! I would say that the therapy worked! She won’t begin to really heal until she stops running, but this girl really loves to run!




David had his EEG today. He did well for the test, but he didn’t go to sleep. He is begging me to put him to bed now though and it is only 7:30pm! Now we wait for the results and his appointment with the Neurologist.


One thought on “Kevin fell asleep at the wheel

  1. Kevin has a new car now. He owes us big! God is faithful we found this car quickly and got a good deal on it. We are so thankful that Kevin was not hurt in this accident, however he did back up into a pole with my car last night and now I have to have my back bumper replaced complete with right tail light! Kevin Kevin Kevin…what are we going to do about you?

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