Love languages

Found out tonight that my love languages are # 1 acts of service and #2 words of affirmation. This really sheds some light onlove languages how I respond to the things that happen at work, home and at church!

I also now know that Michaels (my son) love language is physical touch. Oh to be able to roll the clock back and do things differently with him! This particular love language reacts to being spanked in a totally different way than the other ones! This one sees it as being abused and unloved. That is why spanking never worked with Michael! You know I would have really benefited from this much sooner, and it was available I just didn’t take the time to investigate it. I would like to challenge parents out there though, find out your childrens love languages and fill their “love tank” daily! Now that I know Michaels, I make sure that I touch him everyday. squeeze his arm, rub his shoulders, ruffle his hair, hug him…he responds to this quickly and he just melts. Kelly’s is words of affrimation, she needs to hear from us that she is doing well, that what she does matters. I always thought of her as an over achiever, but she is only trying to be affirmed, wow! Not sure about Kevin yet :\ David is definately touch! He wants to hold your hand or be near enough that he is touching you in some way all the time! Holly is quality time and gifts I think and I have no idea for Stephanie, maybe words of affirmation with her as well.

things have calmed down at work considerably, I am actually enjoying my job again! God is faithful and He is my defence. I do not trust my manager, but I am doing fine with her at this time. Thanks for all the prayers that you my faithful 3 readers have sent up for me, they were needed and wanted and heard!


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