Well the week has ended, I am still breathing

as is my manager! I have to tell you that I have found it very hard to not defend myself during this fiasco. I am still not clear as in the darkto just what is happening or going to happen. I do know that they had a very good time “discussing” me at a dinner thingy that I chose not to attend as I didn’t want to spend the evening with my enemies after spending the day with them! However, as much as they frustrate me I do have to give them credit for only acting like their Father, and I am not talking about their earthly father either! They are behaving in the only way that they know how and it is no suprise that they hate me. I am a child of God and we were warned that we would be persecuted in this world because of Him! So for me this has been a real hard thing because most of my life has been a sheltered one, not out among the ungodly long enough to be persecuted by them! I have only experienced the persecution from fellow believers!!!  Not fun either, let me tell you, maybe worse because they should know better! But enough of this drama crap umm, stuff!

Michael is  doing great, as far as I have been able to tell. He is having a little bit of trouble with making friends, it seems that forgiveness isn’t a strong suit among God’s people if it concerns someone you know who really messed up, as a child I might add, but that is a whole nother can of worms!!!  He is really trying to make right choices and we are really trying to be there for him, and change the way that we deal with issues that do come up, as it seems they always do! I know that God has a friend for him that is going to be good for him and encourage him to do what is right. We all need a friend like that, don’t we? Pray for him when you think of him, and his finding someone who will like him for him and also loves Jesus!! 

David has bGateway 002een wondering around town, I hear. I didn’t hear this first hand but through the grapevine…don’t understand that at all. I am looking for someone who can keep him in the afternoon until I get home from work. Michael and Kelly have to much going on after school to be able to count on them getting home for him. I have one person in mind that I am going to contact. She has a daycare though and may not want to have him there with the other kids there. Please pray with me concerning this delima. He hasn’t had another seizure, but it is a real concern to me that he may have one and be alone when it happens. I don’t mind him taking walks, in fact it is very good for him to be active and walking. But the whole seizure thing puts a new slant on things . He has an appointment next month with a neurologist, as well as an EEG scheduled for a couple weeks before hand. We hopefully will have some answers soon. I truly am not a deadbeat mom, just don’t have many options for a caregiver. It is one thing to take care of a child, it is a whole different matter to take on a 230 lb man, who will on occasion pitch a fit or have a seirzure! Isnt’ life grand? Always looking for solutions to problems…



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